Mark Fix Photography

Englewood, Colorado
United States
Englewood, Colorado
United States

Mark Fix Photography


Mark Fix is a well known Colorado photographer and photojournalist with more than 35 years experience producing timeless images of people, products, and special events. Published images include commercial advertising, Hot Air Balloon Puzzles under the Kodak label, People Magazine, Globe, National Inquirer, Westword (Colo.), USAFA Yearbooks, stage and theatrical events, import/export catalogs, food menu images, family and senior portraits, pageants, celebrity appearances, modeling portfolios, weddings, and wildlife. Please contact us to discuss your next photographic project. Contact:



Mark Fix Photography was formed in 1992. We've provided professional photographic services to Dance, Karate, and Gymnastics schools, the United States Air Force Academy under joint venture with Campus Concepts, and special event photography for weddings, stage events, celebrity appearances, local debuts and pageants.

Experience ranges from and includes film and transparencies in 35mm or medium format, and high quality digital imaging.

Images from commercial assignments have appeared in menus, import/export catalogs, corporate reports, and a variety of local and national publications, including People Magazine, Newsweek, National Enquirer, and MSNBC.

We are represented by Zuma Press for editorial assignments and image use licensing. All images created are Copyright ( © ) Mark Fix unless a separate Work-For-Hire contract is properly executed.

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