Milwaukee , Wisconsin
United States
Milwaukee , Wisconsin
United States



I'm the model coordinator for semi-weekly figure drawing sessions. They are closed sessions, by invitation only, for a dedicated group of local figure artists.

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I have been interested in the change of line, volume, light and shade represented by the human figure since college and I find it to be an endless source of inspiration for art. I hold a BFA from the Layton School of Art (now the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) in Milwaukee, WI.

I tend to work in a realistic or semi-abstract style. I do like to see what happens when media are explored and combined in ways that are unfamiliar to me and I believe emerging technologies will open new potential for art. I use a digital tablet to create some art directly on my computer but I also enjoy working in conventional media such as pastels, charcoal and paint. Another long-time interest is photography. I use a DSLR to capture images which I sometimes use in digital artwork or as a basis for conventional art or as art photography on its own.

Interested in:

  • Portrait
  • Art
  • Boudoir
  • Figure Study
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  • Digital
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Drawing
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